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aka Beaded weft

Hair Extensions

VoguePearl is completely personalized to your hair needs and your lifestyle!

Zero adhesives, thread, chemicals or tight braiding is used in the process, therefore, will not damage your natural hair! It also offers an even weight distribution eliminating stress and tension to the scalp and hair follicles keeping your natural hair healthy throughout your extension wear. VoguePearl is suitable for all hair types but was specifically designed for fine thin hair, and combined with hand tied or our ultra thin micro wefts it makes this method extremely light weight, and comfortable, like wearing nothing at all.

VoguePearl uses small silicone lined beads that lay flat to the scalp, no bulky bumps, which makes putting your hair in a ponytail easy and looking seamless.

VoguePearl can be worn for 5-7 months with monthly “touch ups”. These touch up services take anywhere from 15-30 minutes where we adjust the beads back into place just like new again. This also allows us to check in on your natural hair to ensure everything is as it should be, and is why they can be worn safely up to 7 months without removal.

When come time to remove the extensions they can be reinstalled the very same day with new placement using the same hair for another 5-7 months. Extensions purchased through Lushes Loxx will last 9 months - 1+ years with proper care, enabling you to get at least 2 installs with one hair purchase.

VoguePearl is the easiest technique to care for, many other methods use harsh chemicals and adhesives where special shampoos and hair products need to be used. With VoguePearl theres no need to worry about certain products damaging or dissolving your attachments in fact you can even dye your hair or touch up your roots without having to remove them. These extensions can truly be treated as if they were your own, they are simple and fit with any lifestyle.

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