aftercare instructions

VoguePearl Hair Extensions

  1. Ensure you hair is tangle free before washing. 

  2. Be sure to use salon grade shampoo and conditioner, I highly recommend Davines. When washing focus on cleaning the scalp and in-between each weft. When conditioning condition the entire extensions from root to tip and in-between each row. Wash hair as needed about every 2-3 days and use dry shampoo in-between days.

  3. On damp hair, apply a hydrating leave in conditioner throughout your extensions including the tops of the wefts. Oi Milk by Davines is recommended. Brush through gently starting from the bottom and working your way to the top with a wet brush, being mindful of the attachment area. After brushing apply oil to your extensions like Davines's Oi Oil. 

  4. Blow dry for a sleek and polished finish until hair is completely dry.

  5. Style as usual with a flat iron or curling wand and always use a heat protectant.

  6. For bed time always braid or put hair in a loose bun and never go to bed with wet hair.

  7. Always keep your extensions brushed and tangle free and reapply oil daily.

  8. Keeping your extensions hydrated is key for there longevity if they start looking dry and split on the ends use a hair mask as needed and book a trim with your next tightening. 

  9. Tightenings must be done every 4 weeks. 

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